Vica Miller Salons

Vica Miller Salons

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Vica Miller is a quintessential New York story all in herself.  A Russian emigre and author, Miller began hosting literary salons as a way to showcase new talent.  This past May, I attended Russia! salon, which was at the Mimi Ferzt Gallery.  In a cool Soho setting, featuring the artwork of Nickolai Makarov on the walls, four authors read from their most debut works:  Boris Fishman, A Replacement Life; Alina Simone, Note to Self; Lara Vapnyar, The Scent of Pine and Miller herself read from Inga's Zigzags.

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The evening's readings were an interesting range of subjects and authors styles.  I ended up purchasing and reading Alina Simone's Note to Self.  Simone is a singer who was born in Kharkov, Ukraine.  Her novel is wry look at today's Internet, fame-obsessed culture.  

The protaganist, Anna Krestler, is a younger, less-charming Bridget Jones, trying to find a way to make herself relevant.  Through the wonders of Craigslist, she connects with a "film" project after being dismissed from her menial job a law firm.  Their are moments of pure hilarity and others that just make one grimace.   Life remains tough for those on the fringes--growing up is always hard.  

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