A Closing Window on Broadway

A Closing Window on Broadway

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You have a limited opportunity to see two performers own the stage on Broadway.  The first is a familiar face, Jessie Mueller in "Waitress."  The Tony-award winning actress, for her role in Carole King's "Beautiful" will be leaving the show on March 26. The show is light entertainment but there are a few stand-out numbers.  The show is a great Broadway primer.  I took a young lady who had never seen a Broadway show, and she was thrilled.  It's a good reminder of how the basics matter. 

The other narrowing option is "The Present," which starts Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh.  People are lined up out the door to see Blanchett, but the real entertainment is Roxburgh.  He lunges around the stage in a booze-soaked performance that is pure entertainment.  

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