We Were Liars

We Were Liars

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So I read this book based on the recommendation of my lovely 15-year-old niece.  We read it more or less at the same time.  And while I'm sure this book is firmly place on the young adult shelf, everyone should pull from there once in a while.  Good writing is good writing.  

My niece told me the book was written in a poetic style, which is true.  Although it's actually a like a nursery rhyme or an allegory that continually builds until one has the whole story.  Short tight sentences lead each chapter as you meet Cadence Sinclair Eastman.  She is the oldest grandchild of a well-to-do Sinclair family.  The Sinclairs summer on a fictitious island along the Cape in Massachusetts.  

Cadence is trying to piece together events around an accident from the previous summer that has left her with debilitating migraines and injuries.  All parties return that summer as she tries to piece together why her summer crush never checked in on her. Or why her cousins won't return her emails.  

My niece said that she loved all the different perspectives--from each cousin--that reveal the story. As Cadence confronts the family and her own memories, we learn about the toll of being a Sinclair. Every family has secrets.  

About the Author
Emily Jenkins, who writes under the name E. Lockhart, is best known for Ruby Oliver's book which includes The Boyfriend List.  Her book Disreputable History was a National Book Award finalist. She is also a teacher with Hamline University. She lives in New York City.

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