The Silkworm

The Silkworm

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Robert Galbraith

Baltic, messy winter weather is practically a character in the new Cormoran Strike detective novel. The inclement weather exacerbates the one-legged, former military man's movement around London and life.

His strawberry-blond assistant Robin is the perky counterpoint to his world-weariness.  Newly busy following the successful solve of the case that introduced us to Strike, the pair have a lot more work.  The last case, told in The Cuckoo's Calling, involved the wealthy and the beautiful.  The new case involves the literary world of authors, agents and publishers.

An author's wife enlists Strike to find her errant husband, Owen Quine, who has disappeared.  His disappearance is magnified by the circulation of a draft of his latest novel, which is a veiled attack on the publishing world.  Besides the dowdy, down-trodden Lenora Quince, there are at least five characters that could have had something to do with Quine's disappearance--it can get confusing.

And then there's the unpublished novel, Bombyx Mori.  A mess of a tome that features horrible, fantastical characters designed to assassinate anyone who never appreciated Quine's gifts.  However, it's easy to read Galbraith/Rowling's work quickly.  She knows how to move the plot and not to tarry too long in anyone place.

Robert Galbraith is the nom-de-plume for JK Rowling, the phenomenally best-selling author of the Harry Potter series of books about wizards.  The Silkworm is the second novel following private detective Cormoran Strike. 

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