Humans of New York

Humans of New York

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How much more can be written or be said about New York City?  Photographer Brandon Stanton found a niche and turned it into a widely successful website, Facebook page and book. Stanton moved to New York City after a failed career as a bond trader in Chicago.  

Intrigued by all of the fascinating characters he met, he started taking pictures.  He originally set out to take 10,000 photographs. Along the way, he started to capture their stories and filled in the third dimension of their lives.  

The book Humans of New York is a slice of the photographs that appear all over social media and in the blog.  They are charming, striking and arresting--much like New York itself.  

My copy was given to me as a gift, and I can't think of a better one for the New Yorker or New York lover in your life.  

About the Author: 
Brandon Stanton is University of Georgia graduate, who majored in history.  After he lost his job trading in Chicago, he moved to New York City.  He then embarked on a career that has resulted in more than 8MM followers on social media and 5,000 photographs of the people of New York City. 


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