Cutting Teeth

Cutting Teeth

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Julia Fierro

So on to a book to recommend for the book club or your next read: Julia Fierro's Cutting Teeth.  This is Fierro's debut novel, which I approached with a jaundiced eye.  My interest in privileged mothers in Park Slope and their children was minimal.  But I enjoyed the book immensely.  Parents from a children's play  group gather at a Long Island summer home for the weekend.  The home is not in some tony town, so the action does not get usurped by the scene.  The complexities of spouses, insecurities and real issues that consume lives is the heart of the plot.  There are some surprising plot twists with a somewhat predictable crisis.  But certainly this is a great read for the beach, train, plain or bed time.

Julia Fierro is the founder of The Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop, which has been a creative home to over 2000 writers since 2002. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where she was a Teaching-Writing Fellow, her writing has appeared in Guernica, The Millions, Flavorwire, and other publications.

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