A Double Life

A Double Life

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I read A Double Life in one day. Granted not everyone has a day free, but it’s that kind of page turner and you will find yourself fitting it time to read whenever you can. Loosely based on a true story — the Lord Lucan murder case from 1974, Flynn’s character Claire is contemplating re-engaging in the hunt for her father who disappeared decades ago. He is accused of killing their nanny by mistake in attempt to kill her mother. She and her brother were sleeping upstairs, but Claire wakens to find the bloodied nanny and her injured mother.

The cloud of his parallel life has hung over her and her brother as she successfully pursued a medical degree and tried to put the past behind her. However, every once in a while a lead in the case punctures her world and the police come calling.

This latest lead reignites her own desire to find him and the book focuses on her pursuit while filling in the back story of the murder and his escape.

I won’t give a way too much more but to suffice that the books has been critically lauded and similar authors have rightly glowed about how compelling the narrative is. Enjoy it at the beach or on a plane!

About the Author:
Flynn Berry is a graduate of the Michener Center for Writers and the recipient of a Yaddo fellowship. Her first novel, Under the Harrow, won the 2017 Edgar Award for Best First Novel and was named a best book of the year by the Washington Post and The Atlantic.

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