The Lost Dogs

The Lost Dogs

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The Lost Dogs
Jim Gorant

It’s so easy to just hate pit bulls.  It’s no different from judging people you don’t know based on false or malicious reports.   In The Lost Dogs, Jim Gorant’s account of the illegal Michael Vick dog-fighting operation, what begins as an investigative thriller evolves into a tale of rescue and redemption.  The eponymous misunderstood creatures bred for an abbreviated and violent existence ultimately become rehabilitated into adoptable pets or therapy dogs for sick children or elderly patients. 

The team of men and women who come together to shut down the vicious Bad Newz Kennels operation bring its culprits to justice and save rather than destroy the four-legged collateral damage.  It is an inspiring story of man’s humanity toward man’s best friend in the wake of such extreme animal cruelty.  In the process, it shatters misconceptions we’ve been trained to believe about the American Pit Bull Terrier.

This non-fiction report is an expanded version of a cover story that originally appeared in Sports Illustrated and reads like a journalistic suspense story.  While its appeal is likely to begin with dog enthusiasts, its lessons are pertinent to all who appreciate chronicles of heroism and hope.

Jim Gorant is currently a senior editor at Sports Illustrated. His writing has appeared in more than three dozen national magazines ranging from Men’s Health, Outside,and Popular Science, to Worth, the Robb Report, and the Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine, among many others. As an editor he’s tinkered with the scribblings of everyone from Mike Lupica to Dan Quayle and worked on two SI books, Tiger 2.0 and The Golf Book. His latest book is called Wallace, which is the tale of a misunderstood pit bull.

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